Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pretty face!

Well, we had our 32 week check up and ultrasound this week - wow, 32 weeks! Most of you would say only 8 weeks to go! But, for us, it will only be about 6. We are planning on inducing on April 13. Scott's crazy schedule - who knew the busiest 3 weeks of the season (travel wise) would be the weeks of and surrounding my due date - along with Baby M's size have pushed us to induce. We were leaning that way anyhow, but when we saw the doc this week we picked a tentative date.

Right now Baby M is measuring and weighing a week and a half ahead of where she should be - the doctor called her "super sized"!!! She weighs 4 lbs 11 oz ... on her way to being 9 lbs at birth! Ouch! She is big, but she is healthy. Everything is going good. I am still feeling okay - the end of the week is usually rough, just tired after working all week. Not much swelling to report - only my fingers. No practice contractions, not much back pain ... not yet anyway. It is hard to get comfortable and I am in the bathroom about every 30 minutes but that's to be expected. And Scott is a big help - he does most of the cooking and cleaning, even the laundry ... he makes my breakfast and my lunch everyday! He rubs my feet and my shoulders just about every night, so, all in all I am very lucky.

It's baseball season now and we are constantly busy so the next 6 weeks will fly by for us!

Oh, the pics are of Baby M's face! What a pretty girl!

The Pregnant Ladies

My sister Amber (at 24 weeks along) and me (at 30 weeks).

Shower pictures

Just a few pictures from our baby shower. Lindsay (baseball asst's wife) and Julie (softball coach's wife) were generous enough to plan a great shower for Scott and I. With Scott working in the athletic department, and me previously working there, I think just about everyone was there! We had a great time and Baby M got lots of new clothes and such!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The latest pics at 29 weeks...


The nursery furniture is slowly being put together. Scott and a couple guys from his staff have been working hard to put it together. The crib was easy, but it took two hours and three men for the changing table. Wonder how long the armoire (I have no idea how to spell that!) will take?