Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Official!

Well, after months of debating we have finally picked a name for our little lady!


We had narrowed our list to three names and continued to go back and forth over the last couple of weeks. Finally, Scott and I ranked them 1-3 and believe it or not we both had the same number 1 so, Parker it is!

This is week 36 - not much longer to go! I am still carrying Miss Parker up high and the doctor doesn't seem to think she'll be coming before our chosen induction date (April 13). But, you never know! He has however cut off my traveling privileges which is disappointing, especially during baseball season. Oh well, just a couple more weeks! For being all of 9 months pregnant, I am doing pretty well I guess. I'm exhausted (but who isn't these days) and the swelling occurs here and there but nothing like many others have experienced. Saw the doctor today and he said everything is good. We are looking forward to our sonogram next week!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

34 1/2 and counting...

Saw the doctor again this last week. All is good, Baby M is doing exactly what she should be. She is getting bigger by the day! My friends at work say they can see my stomach growing out now.

The only major problem I've had lately has been the awful heartburn! It has kept me up several nights and even made me sick to my stomach on more than one occasion. So, the doc wrote me a perscription. I finally got it filled yesterday and what a life saver! It was instant relief! Doc said it was safe for the baby so no worries there.

It's every week now for those doctor appoinments! That means Baby M - and no, we still haven't choosen a name - will be here very, very soon!